Blueberry Lemon •  Funfetti •  Black Velvet •  Chocolate Stout •  Carrot  •  Red Velvet  •   Coconut • Strawberry


Raspberry  • Chocolate  • Cream Cheese  •  Salted Caramel  •  Brown Sugar with Marshmallow  •  Blackberry Cabernet  •  Lemon Cream Cheese  •   Cannoli Buttercream  •   Hazelnut Buttercream  •   Peanut Butter Buttercream  •   White Chocolate Ganache  •   Dark Chocolate Ganache


Almond Meringue  •  Pistachio Brittle  •  Raspberry Meringue  •  Toffee  •  White Chocolate-covered Fruit Look Clusters  •  Chocolate-covered Potato Chips  •  Pistachio Toffee  • Chocolate Chips

All cakes listed above are priced for four tiers, and are prepared as described. If the cake your heart desires is not listed, please see our Order Information page for instructions on how to place a custom order.


Baked by Sabine is more than happy to create a unique cake just for you! To begin the process, please fill out our Contact form.

Please note that we are unable to offer hard-and-fast pricing for custom cakes at this time. Pricing for custom cakes is dependent on serving size, the complexity of elements, special requests, and other variables. 

Additionally, a smaller cake may take additional time to create, resulting in it being priced higher. So, size is not the sole determinant in the pricing of our custom creations.


Baked by Sabine is able to accommodate dietary considerations, preferences, and other flavors. Please fill out the contact form, or e-mail for additional information.



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